Martin Luther King Jr


This quote is an apt description of what the Magnify journey has been like over the last few years. I started Magnify in February 2009, during my first year at Durham University. Aged 19, the vision was born out of a personal experience, when through a series of life challenges, my faith was really shaken. In hindsight, I’ve come to believe that everything happens for a reason because, as trying as that time was, it gave me the opportunity to wrestle with my faith, explore my doubts and ultimately find out what faith meant for me. This led to me starting a personal relationship with Jesus that changed my life.

The vision of Magnify has always been to give women the chance to explore the Christian faith in an unpressured, engaging and creative way. As a team, we’re passionate about creating a platform that gives women the chance to bring to the table our strengths, weaknesses, fears and vulnerabilities – without any judgement or shame. Our ultimate goal is to become much more than a print magazine, but rather a collective of like-minded and progressive individuals who are committed to improving the world through timeless human values.

‘Faith, Feminism and Fashion – The Christian Women’s Magazine breaking every stereotype.’ This is how the Huffington Post described us just a few weeks after the launch of our inaugural issue and it was a humbling description to say the least.

We aim to speak to the real issues women face and we hope that, through our beautiful aesthetics, Magnify remains relevant for generations to come.

We hope you enjoy browsing the site and continue to follow the Magnify journey through following us online and we would love to meet you at an event soon.

With Love,

Ruth Yimika Afolabi