The Faith-Based Apps You Need For Daily Inspiration

Your phone can actually help your faith and focus.

Image by WhoWhatWear

Image by WhoWhatWear

Our lives are full of distractions and pressures on our time, mind and spirit. Commitments to work, side hustles, relationships, and attempts to maintain a social life can make it seem impossible to incorporate faith and self-care into our regular routine, let alone make them the priority that they should be. Before we know it we are running on empty and close to burning out, which is the least productive place to be working from.

It is essential, therefore, both for our work and well being, that we are fed and inspired daily in our faith. Just as we shouldn’t go a day without drinking or eating, nor should we go a day without feeding our spirit. When we commit to a daily habit it will quickly become second nature, and soon so much a part of our routine that we will feel strange on the days that we have not engaged with the source of our inspiration. Thankfully, as with most things, there is an app to help. There are several, in fact.

Here are the faith-based apps that we recommend for your daily inspiration:

  1. YouVersion Bible

This Bible app encourages and sustains your daily interaction with scripture through its ‘verse of the day’ feature, and diverse range of nuanced reading plans. After reading the verse of the day, which you can receive as a notification on the lock screen of your phone, you can choose to read the verses preceding and following that verse to see it in context, or even read the full chapter if you are so led. It is user-friendly and has every Bible translation that you could hope to have at your fingertips, enabling easy comparison between different versions of scripture and helping us to understand its meaning. You can highlight text, create and customise images, and take notes as you read. The app is already installed on more than 380 million devices worldwide and counting.

Download here.

  1. She Reads Truth

As with YouVersion’s Bible app, She Reads Truth enables you to engage with scripture daily, and customise, save and share images with encouraging content. However, She Reads Truth is specifically for women. It is a worldwide community of women who are committed to reading the Bible together every day. You might have already read or shared some of the thoughtful and relevant articles from their blog, which covers a range of topics on what it means to be a Christian woman today. They are also dedicated to creating Bible reading plans to help readers digest stories and characters from the Bible in a way that is understandable and comprehensive. All of this content is available on their app. Download it today to start engaging.

Download here.

  1. Jesus Calling

You may have read or heard of the bestselling, year-long devotional ‘Jesus Calling’ by Sarah Young. The Jesus Calling app is the digitised, mobile version of the popular book and is filled with features that make the daily devotional accessible, engaging and understandable. It contains the full text of the book as well as scripture. You are also able to search by keyword, date, topic and verse if you are looking for inspiration in a specific way that day.

Download here.

  1. PrayerMate

One of the most inspiring, humbling things that we can do, particularly in stressful or difficult periods, is to pray. Prayer is comforting, life-giving, and necessary. It is essential for us, our loved ones, our neighbourhoods and the causes that we hold close to our hearts. But prayer can too easily be neglected or ignored, particularly in those stressful times, even though that is when we need it most. The app PrayerMate helps us to stay faithful in prayer for the people and causes that we care about. Simply tell PrayerMate the topics and people that you want to be praying for- for instance, ‘my business’ or ‘my sister’s marriage’- and every day the app will show you a selection of these as a series of index cards. All, then, for you to do is pray.

Download here.

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