Navigating your calling to impact your sphere of influence and build community

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We all have dreams of the goals that we want to achieve and we form a mental picture of all that we aspire to. In the process of planning the future, we forget to take a step back and ask God if we are on the right path. Whilst navigating our rapidly changing and fast-paced world, we can find stability and anchor ourselves in the unchanging identity that we have in Christ. Just as our relationship with Christ positively impacts our own lives, we can also influence the lives of others through forming authentic relationships. 

The relationships that we forge form the foundation of the communities that we build and during our navigating your calling roundtable, we discussed how we can push ourselves to build with those that think differently to us (people who challenge our views, stretch us and open us up to new horizon). Here are some of our highlights and takeaways from the evening...

Key Takeaways 

  1. As dynamic and ambitious women, it's natural that many of us have a range of passions which can often leave us feeling a bit overwhelmed. The encouraging thing to remember is that God has wired us in this way, and different passions can take priority during different seasons of our lives. In regards to pursuing calling, it's also important to remember that our identity is unchanging when found in Christ and that we aren't what we do.

  2. Real influence happens through relationships. Influence that is long lasting is about loving people who God has placed us around, being our authentic selves and living out our calling. 

  3. Sometimes we have to challenge ourselves to build community with those who think differently to us as it's often easy to only stay where we feel comfortable. It's also comforting to remember that our steps are ordered by God (Psalm 37:23) so wherever we find ourselves and the relationships around us that naturally blossom, we need to ask God for insight as to what the bigger purpose might be.

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