Navigating power, pressure and purpose in the corporate world

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Navigating our purpose is not easy. Often, we think that we have found our calling in life, but soon realise that it is not for us. It is important to remember that we are on a lifelong journey of discovery and our purpose can be many things. By discovering who we are outside of the workplace, we can discover our purpose and areas in which we excel.

Our roundtable featuring men and women from the corporate world was an opportunity for us to discuss how we can lead by example — while encouraging and empowering those in our circles.

Key Takeaways

  1. Our purpose isn't just one thing. The journey to discover purpose is a journey and it's something that will continually evolve over the course of our lives. 

  2. The pressure to perform and the desire to receive recognition and reward is ever present in the workplace. It's important for us to take time out and find out who we are asides from this.

  3. When we're in positions of power - if we lead by example, people will naturally gravitate towards us and feel more empowered.

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