How to bring your voice and experience to the table as a female content creator

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What does it mean to be a female content creator in 2019 and having a voice that influences a community of people? In the age of social media (and perfection), it’s often a balancing act of how much to share, how and when to celebrate your wins, and a game of comparison. But in reality, content creation is so much more than that—it’s a deep rooted connection to a purpose that is connected to a community of people who share similar experiences and need a voice to advocate for and inspire them.

We held a female content creator roundtable where we discussed bringing your voice to the table as a female content creator and how important it is to champion each other along the way. Here are some of our highlights and takeaways… 

Key Takeaways

  1. One thing that is missing from social media, is that everyone wants to be understood but in order to be influential, you will have to go through a season of being misunderstood.

  2. What I am realising is that there is more with influencing than just being a finished product. You can be impactful with people living the journey through you. And please talk about your wins - sometimes, it feels like we have to be humble.

  3. Whatever dream you have, be consistent and be faithful even when no-one is looking and you have no money. I think for a lot of us it is being consistent in what we do and not just on numbers.

Sommer Couch