Faith, Politics and Social Impact

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We all desire to impact, change and in some way to leave our mark on the world. It is easy to come up with short term solutions which seem to address problems, but the key to making a real impact is building for the long-term. This is having the patience and perseverance to get to the root of issues in order to make sustained changes. In the Bible, we can find encouragement to stay committed to our cause from Daniel and his dedication as a long-serving public servant in the challenging environment of Babylon. Fundamental to being lights in our communities is forming meaningful and authentic relationships, seeking to work and uplift others. 

We held a roundtable on faith, politics and social impact and discussed how we can make a change within these specific spheres. Here’s some of our highlights and takeaways...

Key Takeaways

  1. There are so many lessons we can learn from Daniel in the Bible. His life as a public servant in Babylon is very much reflective of our lives as public servants, barristers, social workers, politicians in a similarly challenging environment. His consistency and longevity in service was such that he served in Babylon over a 60 year period - an encouragement to us to continue to be faithful (in the often challenging environments God has placed us).

  2. Building for the long-term - this was something many of us echoed - a desire to resist short term thinking and action which often doesn't deal with the heart of issues. 

  3. Being a light in our spheres of influence - the biggest way of doing this is really by building open and authentic relationships with those God has placed around us - particularly at work and in our local communities.

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