Navigating faith, creativity and ambition

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As creatives in a competitive and interconnected world, it is hard to stand out and it can feel like nobody wants to hear about what we have to offer. Experiences like this can shake our confidence and lead us to question ourselves — but it’s reassuring to remember that our identity is rooted in Christ and His unchanging word. Often setbacks can seem like failures, but what if we decided to adjust our perspective and saw challenges as new opportunities to grow and learn? We often value people based on their ability, what they have done, and what can do for us. Valuing people based off who they are is key to building meaningful relationships which, in turn be used to draw people closer to Christ. Here are some of our highlights and takeaways from our roundtable with content creators...

Key Takeaways

  1. As creatives, it's reassuring for us to remember that our identity is rooted in Christ and what He says about us in His Word which is unchanging. This provides us with true security rather than basing our identity on whether our industry rates us, how people receive our work or how 'successful' we become.

  2. What about if we decided to reframe failure and see it instead as an opportunity to learn and grow? Which it turn could actually help us get closer to our goals. 

  3. Placing value on the people we are around and work with and actually take the time to build authentic relationships with them can significantly transform their lives and draw them closer to Jesus.

Sommer Couch