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“I'm currently coming towards the end of Magnify's latest issue and I have to give you all an exceptional round of applause. Every article has fed me in a way no magazine has done before. I feel challenged to do better. I feel thirsty for success and more hungry for God than ever before.”

“Reading Magnify made me realise that I'm not alone as a Christian working in creative industries (even if in advertising sure feels like that sometimes). Your magazine has encouraged me to keep going and keep pursuing my dream of being a voice in my career field.”

“I am so uplifted and so grateful for this issue. I really want to pass it to another colleague but I can't quite let go of it just yet!

"The speakers were subject matter experts in their field, so personable and lots of knowledge to share. I love that Magnify has shown me how to reconnect my everyday life with my faith (career included)"


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